Steps to connect Embark with BambooHR

Embark is an AI companion that helps employees onboard to a project, role, or a company quickly.

  • Embark AI synthesizes company documents and former employee resources to create a chatbot for instant assistance.
  • AI-enabled Journey Maps make it easy for employers to create personalized learning paths for employees using company or web content.
  • One-click scheduling, embedded activities, gamification, and analytics improve consistency, engagement, and transparency.
  • Embark integrates with HRIS systems and can be launched from Zoom and MS Teams, enabling employees to get to productivity faster.

If you haven't installed, feel free to Install it now on Zoom


Step 1.

Log in to & Click on 'Apps & Integrations'

Step 2.

Click on 'Developer Center'

Step 3.

Click on Generate New Token

Step 4.

Provide a unique token name

Step 5.

Check both 'contract: read' & 'contract: write' options

Step 6.

Copy the token that has been generated

Step 7.

Open Embark application, Click on Create New Hire

Step 8.

Click on Import New Hires

Step 9.

Click on Connect to Deel

Step 10.

Paste the copied token

Step 11.

Deel has been successfully integrated


1. Do I need an account on Embark?

Yes. You'll need to install Embark on Zoom or MS Teams and connect with your Google G-Suite or Microsoft 365 email id. It's FREE to sign up for Embark and get stated.

2. Do I need an account on Deel?

Yes. You'll need to have your own account on Deel. It's FREE to sign up for a Deel account.

3. Is it safe to add the Deel API key to Embark?

Yes. Embark by Hermis is a SOC2 certified application and the API key is stored safely in a encrypted database. At any point of time, you can disable the integration by navigating to the Embark Settings, locating the Deel Integration settings and turning it off.