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Embark is the only Onboarding, Everboarding and Offboarding platforms for companies.
With features like Cohorts, Virtual Activities, 360 degree insights, Engagement dashboard and more,
Embark helps increase engagement of employees during their tenure in the company.

Onboarding Challenges

Employee onboarding is hard. Apart from checklists that cover the basic HR & Compliance requirements,
there are very few tools that ensure a successful onboarding for a employee into a company, team or project.
Inconsistent & Impersonal
Inconsistent on-boarding can lead to new hires feeling undervalued and disengaged due to the lack of standardized procedures, resulting in a higher turnover rate.

Impersonal on-boarding can make new hires feel like just another number in the system, leading to low morale and job satisfaction.
Information discovery is hard
Easy Information discovery improves the efficiency of the process, saves resources, and provides insights into organizational strengths and weaknesses. It helps companies make informed decisions and improve performance faster.

But it's hard in most organizations as information is distributed in multiple places: Drives, Wiki, Bugs, CRM, ... and more. It's frustrating for new employees while they discover the different sources and makes them less productive.
Manual knowledge transfer from former employee
Knowledge transfer during onboarding or offboarding is a challenge. It's time-consuming and error-prone, as the transfer of knowledge is dependent on the availability and expertise of the employee sharing the information.

Effective knowledge transfer strategies, such as documentation, training, and mentoring, can help mitigate this challenge and ensure a smooth transition of knowledge from one employee to another.
No metrics or insights
Without metrics and analytics, it's challenging to assess the effectiveness of the onboarding process. It's also difficult to identify areas for improvement or to determine the impact on employee retention, engagement, and performance.

Developing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) during the onboarding process can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the program and help drive continuous improvement.

Embark AI: End-to-End Solutions  for Employee Journeys

AI powered chatbot for employee
Upload your videos, documents and wiki and the Chatbot answers questions instantly with context
Personalized Journey Map using AI
Personalization is key to enable your employees become productive faster. Embark does it with one-click!
Get 360° overview of former employee
No transition document? No problem. The 360 insights gives you all you have to know in a summary
Automatically generated gamification
Embark automatically creates Trivia/Quiz questions based on uploaded content to make onboarding interactive & fun.
Activities & Networking
Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, Speed Networking and more to help increase engagement and discover connections quickly
Metrics & Analytics
Get a up close and detailed view of how onboarding is progressing - for an individual or for a cohort!

Our Valued Clients

Discover the inspiring stories behind our successful partnerships with clients from various industries. Learn how we have helped them achieve their goals and grow their businesses through collaboration and dedication

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Discover the inspiring stories behind our successful partnerships with clients from various industries. Learn how we have helped them achieve their goals and grow their businesses through collaboration and dedication
AI powered
Embark's AI-powered Chatbot that can answer a new employee's question quickly with context. Just upload all of your onboarding documents and employees can converse naturally with the Chatbot.

This saves invaluable time from the Onboarding buddy and makes it productive for the employee. Upload different types of documents: PDFs, Word/PPT documents, Wiki pages, CRM databases and more. The chatbot can summarize from multiple different sources and makes it easy for the employee to find answers.
Journey Maps
Embark has built-in journey maps to codify your engagement workflow right into your meeting agenda. We've worked with PeopleOps & HR leaders across multiple industries to identify best practices and these journey maps are available out-of-the box for you!

Embark's AI powered Journey Map builder can also automatically create learning journeys including content from your learning library or external resources -- all by reading the job description.
Get 360° overview
When a employee leaves the organization and a new employee is taking over, there's often a information loss.

Embark's 360 overview tool allows you to capture the outgoing employee's information including relationships and project status and use the data as part of the onboarding process.

This ensures every new employee filling in the shoes of the employee who left starts off with the right knowledge.
Employee Resource Center
Embark's employee resource feature is a comprehensive platform that provides employees with access to important company resources, including an employee handbook outlining company policies and guidelines, key contacts within the organization, and various tools for managing their work and career development.

Additionally, the platform includes a dedicated section for design and engineering resources, providing employees with access to technical resources, training materials, and industry news and updates to help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field.
Activities and Networking
Add gamification to your meetings and training events to make it fun, interactive & engaging. Easily enable opportunities for your employees to assimilate and meet with their colleagues.‍

With various types of ice breakers and networking activities including Trivia and Speed Mingle available within Embark as a drag-and-drop feature, it's easier than ever to enable cross-company networking events for your new hires.
Metrics & Analytics
Get instant feedback from new hires throughout their onboarding journey.‍

With a proprietary engagement scorecard, get a deeper understanding of how your new hires are assimilating into and through their new role.
Employee Engagement Calendar
With Embark's Cohort Management system, easily populate and track the calendaring of your employee journeys. No more managing spreadsheets, identifying availability or calendaring employee events.

Instead, with the Cohort dashboard, easily assign and manage journey maps for 30, 60, 90+ days with a single click.
Integrated with your HRIS system
Embark is integrated with your existing HRIS system and can easily ingest new hire information without replication of effort. Whether it's Workday, BambooHR, ADP or others, Embark has you covered.

The one-click journey map assignment feature instantly extends the automation capability that's already provided by your HRIS platform to ensure a seamless transition into their new role.

With Embark, we're excited about the Engagement Scorecard and truly quantifying employee engagement in real time

- David H, Chief People Officer @Flare

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