Employee Engagement Journeys for a modern workforce

Empower your employees to be productive in their roles with predictable and consistent engaging experiences with journey maps, gamification, insights and more


Remote and Hybrid Teams are here to stay

With Zoom, Teams, Slack & Webex all enabling custom solutions to bridge the gap between remote & in-office teams, hybrid work is a reality... 3 out of 5 employees prefer the convenience of working from anywhere.

Consistent & repeatable employee engagement is essential!

While in-person engagement is great, it doesn't scale. Often, remote employees are left behind and become disengaged.

But the quality of engagement depends largely on the managers and the structure of their organization. According to recent Gallup research, one out of every six remote employees reported feeling isolated from their team.

Give employees the tools to make them successful

Based on a 2022 Brandon Hall Group report, a staggering 82% of new employees say that the onboarding process did not give them the tools they needed to be immediately successful in their role.

Most onboarding processes tend to focus on the bare minimum requirements to get the new hire started. Very few onboarding processes focus on an immersive experience which includes exposure to company culture, vision and goals.

Get actionable insights

Employee engagement is more than just participation in meetings. Gathering feedback and improving the process of remote engagement is an import aspect of any PeopleOps organization. Unfortunately, real-time engagement analytics are not part of the toolkit today.

Adding the element of real-time employee engagement feedback helps quickly identify areas of risk and dramatically improves employee retention rates.


Journey Maps

Embark has built-in journey maps to codify your engagement workflow right into your meeting agenda. We've worked with PeopleOps & HR leaders across multiple industries to identify best practices and it's available out-of-the box for you!

Activities and Networking

Add gamification to your meetings and training events to make it fun, interactive & engaging. Easily enable opportunities for your employees to assimilate and meet with their colleagues.

With various types of ice breakers and networking activities including Trivia and Speed Mingle available within Embark as a drag-and-drop feature, it's easier than ever to enable cross-company networking events for your new hires.

Employee Engagement Calendar

With Embark's Cohort Management system, easily populate and track the calendaring of your employee journeys.

No more managing spreadsheets, identifying availability or calendaring employee events. Instead, with the Cohort dashboard, easily assign and manage journey maps for 30, 60, 90+ days with a single click.

Metrics & Analytics

Get instant feedback from new hires throughout their onboarding journey.

With a proprietary engagement scorecard, get a deeper understanding of how your new hires are assimilating into and through their new role.

Integrated with your HRIS system

Embark is integrated with your existing HRIS system and can easily ingest new hire information without replication of effort.

Whether it's Workday, BambooHR, ADP or others, Embark has you covered. The one-click journey map assignment feature instantly extends the automation capability that's already provided by your HRIS platform to ensure a seamless transition into their new role.

With Embark, we're excited about the Engagement Scorecard and truly quantifying employee engagement in real time

- David H, Chief People Officer @Flare

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