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Embark: Customizing Self Paced or Hosted Journey Map Events

With Embark, you can set up Journey Maps that are completely made up of hosted meetings, self paced sessions, or a mix of both.

When you are editing the individual meeting agenda for one of the meetings within your Journey Map, you can assign whether the event will be hosted or self paced.

Embark: How to Create Journey Maps

Creating journey maps - or structured programs made up of meetings that your team participates in - is a simple process in Embark.

Embark offers several pre-made templates for Journey Maps, and you can also create your own new Journey Map from scratch.

Once you create your journey map and design the agendas for the meetings that make up that journey, you can assign a new hire to complete that journey within Embark.

Embark: How to Add a Presentation

Launching a presentation from your agenda is quick and easy. If you have already been using slides to share information during your past onboarding sessions, you don't need to re-create new presentations or spend time copying information over across tools.

After adding a Presentation block to your agenda, copy the URL for your Google slides presentation in order to get quick access to the presentation during your meeting. When you're ready to start showing the slides, click the link to open the slides in your web browser. You can share your screen so that all can view the slides.

Embark: How to Add a Video to the Agenda

You can easily add a video to your meeting agenda using a direct video URL. As host, you will control the video playback for your meeting participants, and can start or pause the video at anytime.

To add a video to your agenda, click on the General activities option from the agenda creation menu. Add in the title, time on your agenda, and the direct video URL.

Embark: How to Add an Activity to the Agenda

To begin adding activities for a new, blank event agenda, start by clicking on the blue Add Activity button. This opens up a new menu of activity options. During agenda creation, your are essentially choosing what activities you'd like to block off time for.

You can always go back and edit any of these time blocks for activities on your agenda by selecting the pencil button, or you can delete them completely by selecting the trash can.

Embark: How to Connect Google Calendar

After installing Embark, you have the option of syncing your Google or Microsoft calendar. Syncing your calendar is not required in order to use Embark. If you don't sync your calendar, you will still be able to create new events and agenda items within the Embark app.

However, there is a benefit to syncing your calendar: you can view events you have already scheduled on your calendar, or create new events within the Embark app that will also be added to your calendar automatically.

In the example above, you can view how to sync your Google calendar. Syncing your Microsoft calendar follows a very similar process.

Embark: How to Clone an Agenda

Cloning agendas can be used to save time and effort when preparing for new meetings. You can easily copy the list of activities you already scheduled on a past event's agenda and add them to a new meeting agenda. You can even use this function as a way to create templates that you re-use over and over again.

Once you select the event you'd like to clone, you can then make any necessary edits to the new meeting agenda and it won't affect the past meeting agenda that you cloned.

Embark: How to Launch Events

Ahead of the day of your onboarding meeting with new hires, you will have completed creating your agenda and preparing any notes, videos, etc. that you'd like to show them.

Once the day of the event, you will need to open Embark during your Zoom meeting and launch the event so that other meeting participants can also participate in the Embark agenda. Your meeting participants don't need to have Embark installed ahead of time in order to participate.

After clicking 'Launch Event' you can add other meeting participants to the event using the invitation pop-up. Once the event is over, you should select 'Close Event' and view a summary of the day's activities.

Embark: How to Create a Poll

When you are creating an agenda, simply add the Polling activity and select the poll you'd like to use from your existing library, or create a new poll. Once you save a poll, it gets added to your library of polls which you can use again and again in future events.

Upon creating a new poll, you can create a title and add your own custom questions and answers. To get different styles of answer choices, click on the dropdown menu and select the most appropriate option - it might be phrase, multiple choice, single choice, etc.

After you save the poll, you can visit the Polling tab to edit the poll again if needed.

Embark: How to Create Custom Activity Content

Customizing activity content in Embark can be done in a few simple steps. You can design custom content for any of Embark's fun activities: Trivia, Speed Mingle, Scavenger Hunt, Name that Person, and Doodle Challenge. This can make your events more dynamic and meaningful, as you can introduce your new hires to company history and company culture in a fun way.

To get started, fill out the spreadsheet Embark team will provide you with the desired content for the activity of your choosing. Changes you make in the spreadsheet will update the activity and be reflected once you are back in Embark.

Reach out to the Embark support team if you need assistance with customizing activity content.

Embark: How to Add Trivia and Fun Activities

Embark offers you several options for fun activities that you can add to your agenda, including icebreakers, team building, and networking activities. When adding an activity to the agenda, you will need to select both the activity and a themed pack of question content.

For each activity, there is a wide variety of question themes to choose from depending on the season or the tone of your event. You can select any one of these pre-loaded themed question packs or create custom content unique to your company.

When you are editing your agenda, you can only view a live event with your meeting participants, they can interact with the Embark app on their screen to play fun and engaging activities right within the Zoom meeting window.

Embark: How to install

Installing and using the Embark Zoom App is quick and simple. Once you are in the Zoom Apps menu, search for Embark within the Discover tab. Add the app, and then you will need to grant permission for the App to access and run within your Zoom account via the browser pop-up.

If you see a message that prompts you to request access to the app, this means your company's Zoom IT administrator will need to authorize the app for you within the company's Zoom settings before you can add it to your Zoom account.